N3080 Electric

Thetford’s latest and most compact absorption refrigerator. This refrigerator with electric ignition can even work using only gas – without being electrically connected.


  • Small, compact model
  • Manual power source selection
  • Securely closed door
  • Flexible bottle slide
  • 2 flexible white door bins
  • 2 flexible white shelves
  • Light grey framed door & control panel
  • Powercables and gasinlet tube at the bottom-backside of the fridge


  • First class cooling performance
  • Quiet as a whisper
  • 3-year guarantee
  • CE mark of quality, CFC-free and almost entirely recyclable







n3080-table n3100-table n3112-table n3145-table n3150-table n3175-table
incl. depth door
821x486x543 821x525x543 821x525x628 1245x525x543 1245x525x578 1245x525x628
Total volume
incl. freezer
81 L 97 L 113 L 141 L 149 L 175 L
10 L 11 L 14 L 23 L 25 L 31 L
LED LED LCD / touch control LCD / touch control LCD / touch control LCD / touch control
Energy Selection
(or Power source
Manual Electric Manual Electric Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Colour Grey Grey Black Black Black Black
Door shape Flat framed Flat framed Curved framed
or curved
Flat framed Curved framed
or curved
Curved framed
or curved
Door type
Left or right Left or right Left or right Left or right Left or right Left or right
Wheel arch
Yes No Yes No No No
2,4 kWh 2,8 kWh 2,6 kWh 4,0 kWh 4,0 kWh 4,0 kWh
gas* (gr/24h)
240 gr 330 gr 270 gr 420 gr 420 gr 420 gr
Net weight 22,5 Kg 27 Kg 24 Kg 37 Kg 37,5 Kg 39,5 Kg

* Fridges originally built in by a caravan manufacturer can have different specifications

User manuals

Installation Instructions

  • Ventilator-Kit-AM_632850_0609 1.1 MB

Spare Part List


Is it okay to defrost my fridge/freezer using a hair dryer, heat gun or boiling water?

No, the sudden change in temperature will cause the inner surface of the fridge/freezer to distort. This will not be covered under warranty.

How long is my warranty on my Thetford refrigerator?

2 Years, a 3rd year if the refrigerator is serviced with in the initial 2 years of purchase.

Should I take special precautions using my refrigerator during winter?

We advise using Thetford winter covers on the ventilation grills from 8 degrees Celsius and below to ensure optimum performance. Winter covers can be obtained as an accessory from your Thetford point of sale.

Should I get my fridge serviced?

Yes. See owner’s manual for details.

At my travel destination, my refrigerator does not operate very well. What could be the problem?

When your refrigerator does not operate properly, please check: Whether your caravan is level in both directions (lengthwise + widthwise). Whether the ventilation openings of the cooling system at the back of the refrigerator are blocked.

My fridge will not select ‘auto’ function.

Not all fridges are ‘auto’. Please refer to your owner’s manual.

My fridge shows fault #18.

When a fridge is first switched on the entire display will light up. This should only last for a few seconds.

My blue fault flashes on the display.

The blue LED is a fault diagnosis tool. It should be accompanied by a ‘spanner’ symbol and a number. Please refer to owner’s manual for a list of diagnostic codes.

Use of gas while driving

Because of varying outside conditions during driving, good performance on gas can’t be guaranteed. Therefore Thetford does not advise to run your refrigerator on gas while driving.

Always a running fridge?

If you don’t have enough batteries or want to use your refrigerator for a very short period it is also possible to only use 3 batteries in a row. Your refrigerator will run for approximately half a week now.

Need improved refrigerator performance?

To improve the cooling performance of your refrigerator in high temperatures, Thetford advises to install the Ventilator Kit. It helps to detract the warm air quicker to the vents. The Ventilator Kit is suitable for all Thetford refrigerators.

For optimal performance of your fridge

1. We advise to clean the inside of the refrigerator properly, before using your refrigerator.
2. For optimal performance, switch on the refrigerator 8 hours before placing food.
3. To secure optimal performance, level your vehicle before operating the refrigerator.

Keep your refrigerator fresh, even in storage

Prevent moisture, mold and unpleasant odors in the refrigerator by opening the refrigerator. Keep the door open by using the sliding latch at the top of the door. Remember to keep the freezer door open too. This way, your refrigerator will always stay fresh!

Securing the door

When driving, always make sure the refrigerator door is locked. Close the door securely. On some models, the door automatically locks. For an additional lock, slide the black latch over the pin at the bottom of the door.


  • Ventilator Kit for refrigerators
  • Vents
  • Vent covers
  • Battery Pack N3000-E serie

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